This is where the bio happens and I’m supposed to say stuff about myself. But let’s talk about the idea for this project. I hope to create unique pieces of fiction that are small and unobtrusive and to leave them in public places. Something that, when found, offers a moment of surprise. It’s personal and physical. An object, not a post or tweet or text. It can slip in a bag, a purse, a pocket. It can be read and saved or handed-off to someone else20170110_092319_hdr.

And then I hope to hear that lost mittens have been found. Connection. Isn’t that what we all crave? Connection.

You can find longer published works of mine here:

Aperture – The Front Porch Journal

Count Until Thunder – Open Bar @ Tin House

How I Learned to Love Ben Lerner – Fiction Writers Review

The Safe Escape of Bears – Stoneboat

What You Don’t See – Crack the Spine Issue 63

Flo’s Gold – Flock (f.k.a. Fiction Fix)

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